Frequenzy Test Stand

Vibration test stand for quality control


Software controlled hydraulic clamping

Resonanz measurement with high resolution

Blade data base

Easy to use

Export to Excel, ASCII or SAP

Scalable for different blade sizes

These test stands are developed for high resolution determining of blade resonances and their modal parameter. Especially the influence of the clamping of the blades was minimized to guarantee high repeatability.

Cost and time reduction

By easing the operation of the software and an high savety level it is possible that normal workers can do the measurements of the test objects. This leads to a reduction of costs and enables the test in the production line. The deviations from the tolerances are detected very early and bad parts can be sorted out. To reach this goal the automation of the following steps was done:

Hydraulic clamping

Automatic resonanz determination

Test piece management (Blade data base)

With this support a measurement is done with a few mouse clicks.


The blade is excitated with an impact hammer and the vibration answer is measured with a microphone or a laser. A high precise data acquisition system ensures the accurateness of the measurement.


The main focus during the development was to create an easy to use and very functional software. The result is a program that can be used for nearly every quality test. The following key features are available:

Sequential measurements (inluding master balde measurements)

Determining the mode shapes

R&D test measurements

Sequence management

With this support a measurement is done with a few mouse clicks.

Test item management (Blade management)

Analysis & reportsrr

User & right management

All setups and measurement data are saved in an local data base but can also be stored on an main server. The export to Excel or SAP is implemented and with the “Office-Function” it is possible to setup the paramter or define or edit the test sequences form the office PC via the network.


Components test for gas turbines

Compression blades

Turbine blades

Turbine blades